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The Legend of Laurona

“Laurona is a passionate woman radiating with love, notably outgoing and comely. 

Her reputation extends beyond her native Tarraconaise village. 

Folks praise her implicitly, thereby angering the gods and forcing the locals to chase her away. 

The Gods are divided: Minerva wants her death while Apollo grants her immortality. Minerva is infuriated and confines Laurona to the Montsant mountains. 

Pliny the Elder, unwittingly and thanks to the murmur of Apollo, lays out in his writings the cue that will release Laurona. 

René Barbier captures the essence of this journey, by growing vineyards on the Montsant mountains, thereby releasing Laurona. 


To this day, it is said, that the soul of Laurona is released in every bottle of wine.” 

"Laurona was born to show the diversity and richness of the different terroirs in the Priorat Region. By creating Laurona the Montsant appellation was born."

René Barbier - Clos Mogador


Honouring this 2000 year old wine region by taking you on a journey in a different space and time that will move your soul one drop at a time


Montsant Mountain


Laurona's Aspiration

We wish for wine lovers around the globe to experience the wisdom of Laurona

and its bond with nature.

Connecting to everything and everyone.

Laurona's Character








We do everything with it from the vineyard to the bottle. We transmit it through the wine to you ❤️ 

Our wines are produced in a traditional manner. 

We value biodiversity in our vineyards and allow it to guide us

Wines with so much personality and depth you will always remember its unique feeling

 Laurona wines shine through their complexity and elegance

At your discrection 😉

Our terroirs, the sun kissed grapes and savoir-faire moulds our wines in a journey that continuousely stimulates your senses.

Laurona wines are made with patience; a second ageing in bottles takes place in our Bodega. 

The Laurona Wines


A rare collection of wines from uniquely rich and diverse terroirs

which have and continue to age beautifully

92 Points


Grenache - Carignan - Syrah - Merlot  - Cabernet Sauvignon

Travel through time with your heart wide open when you taste this legendary blend. 

Current Vintage


75cl - 150cl - 300cl -600cl - 1200cl

Reserva  Limitada 

Grenache - Carignan - Syrah - Merlot  - Cabernet Sauvignon

Travel through time with your heart wide open when you taste this legendary blend. 

Current Vintage

2007 & 2008

75cl  - 150cl 

94 Points

94 Points


Grenache - Carignan - Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon

Travel through time with your heart wide open when you taste this legendary blend. 

Current Vintage


75cl  - 150cl - 300cl

Plini 2012 PACK shot.png

Blanc de Noir

Red Grenache - Macabeo

Travel through time with your heart wide open when you taste this legendary blend. 

Current Vintage


75cl  - 150cl - 300cl

Celler Laurona

Celler Laurona is commited to continuously honoring the history and the roots of viticulture and winemaking in the region of Montsant and Priorat. 

Celler Laurona was founded in 1999 by René Barbier (owner of Clos Mogador and pioneer in DOQ Priorat) and Christopher Cannon from Europevins.


After demonstrating to the world, the high-quality “terroir” found in Priorat, he wished to share the rich diversity of the “terroirs” found in the Priorat appellation. 

His obsession for the expression of each “terroir”, the potential of each vintage, his constant pursuit of perfection and his experience, guarantees high quality wines, that are a true reflection of tradition and territory.

Celler Laurona was the first winery in DO Montsant, the appellation was created in 2001 after Mitico de Laurona featured in the top 100 wines of the world (Wine Spectator). 

Galilea Collection

Galilea was born from the meeting between a Swiss woman (Fiona Fischer) and the famous oenologist René Barbier (pioneer of viticulture in the region and owner of Clos Mogador). More than the love of wine and the “terroir”, it is a vision and common values that unite them.

"Making discovery an ambition, invention an ideal and innovation a necessity, in order to produce authentic and modern wines which age beautifully."

Galilea by Fiona is entirely transparent, in terms of the traditional methods of viticulture, vinification and composition (organic non-certified, without any additives or chemicals).


It really is about embarking on a scientific odyssey, anchored in a truly eco-responsible approach; a sensory journey through time and space. Galilea By Fiona is like its creators:

A perfect combination of freshness and excellence.

92 Points


Grenache - Carignan - Syrah

"Its impulsive and valiant character restores to man the freshness of his freedom; dawn of a departure, of a journey."

Current Vintage

2016 & 2017

75cl  - 150cl - 300cl - 600cl -1200cl 

Super Nova

Grenache - Carignan 

"The innovation of this wine is in essence opposed to trivial automation. The true vital force of this nectar delivers pleasure and surprises."

Current Vintage 



94 Points


100% Grenache de la Figuera 

“A glass of wine is worth a velvet coat. This saying has never been more accurate than with Pythagora, thanks to its unique grape variety: Grenache de la Figuera. An invitation to discover your senses."

Current Vintage


75cl  - 150cl - 300cl - 600cl


Meet The Team

Roland Fischer

Fiona Fischer

René Barbier

Jordi Banque

Tatyana Vasiliev

Gerard Llop

Albert & Coopérative de la Figuera

Josep Bargallo

Jose Angurera

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