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More than 60 years in the Wine Business

More than 60 years in the Wine Business


It all started in 1960. Roland Fischer, a musician at the time, was only 23 years old. He started importing wines from around the world and was the first export Bordeaux & Bourgogne wines, followed by Vega Sicilia and Gaja, as well as wines of the new world such as Hamilton Russel and James Halliday ASO, amongst many others. With time he became one of the best wine connoisseurs of the world. In 1990 Roland explored the Priorat Region and met René Barbier from Clos Mogador, who was there since the onset of the project. In 1998 René presented Roland with his new project “Celler Laurona.” The aim being to demonstrate the unbelievable diversity of the different “Terroirs” (territories) and grape varieties of magnificent old vineyards. It was a tremendous hit and early on with the first vintages Wine Spectator put on its Top 100 list Worldwide. Like all our wines, it has since always reached well over 90/100 Points (R.P. & Cie). 

Once Roland sold his renowned wine trading business he became a wine consultant. A few years later, during a dinner with René Barbier and Roland’s daughter Fiona - who developed a passion for travel and discovering spices, foods and wines from around the world - the next phase began to flourish. Six months later, Fiona and René hit it off and created a 100% Grenache, called Pythagora. Fiona founded Galilea and by the second year already produced a blended wine called Nautilea. In 2016, Roland and Fiona took over Celler Laurona winery and have been working together since, to harmonize these beautiful projects with René Barbier. The story continues with love and passion.

Celler Laurona Story

Celler Laurona is commited to continuously honoring the history and the roots of viticulture and winemaking in the region of Montsant and Priorat. 

Celler Laurona was founded in 1999 by René Barbier (owner of Clos Mogador and pioneer in DOQ Priorat) and Christopher Cannon from Europevins.


After demonstrating to the world, the high-quality “terroir” found in Priorat, he wished to share the rich diversity of the “terroirs” found in the Priorat appellation. 

His obsession for the expression of each “terroir”, the potential of each vintage, his constant pursuit of perfection and his experience, guarantees high quality wines, that are a true reflection of tradition and territory.

Celler Laurona was the first winery in DO Montsant, the appellation was created in 2001 after Mitico de Laurona featured in the top 100 wines of the world (Wine Spectator). 

Galilea By Fiona Story

Galilea was borne from the meeting between a young Swiss woman (Fiona Fischer) and the famous oenologist René Barbier (pioneer of viticulture in the region and owner of Clos Mogador). More than the love of wine and the “terroir”, it is a vision and common values that unite them.

"Making discovery an ambition, invention an ideal and innovation a necessity, in order to produce authentic and modern wines which age beautifully."

Galilea by Fiona is entirely transparent, in terms of the traditional methods of viticulture, vinification and composition (organic non-certified, without any additives or chemicals).


It really is about embarking on a scientific odyssey, anchored in a truly eco-responsible approach; a sensory journey through time and space. Galilea By Fiona is like its creators: A perfect combination of freshness and excellence.

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